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Shatyra's day as a princess

Shatyra 648x444

“ A day away from troubles was just what Shatyra needed to shine like the princess she is! ”

It all started on a beautiful day in March when two wish granters showed up to Miss Shatyra’s house to turn her into a princess.

 Once friends and family got to see their little princess, Shatyra was whisked off in a white limousine with a police escort to her first destination. Heidi’s in downtown Cleveland, she was greeted by the owner’s daughter who couldn’t wait to give the Princess a hug and present with an appliqued blanket and embroidered tote bag. Princess Shatyra, being the sweetheart she is, picked out items for each of her shopping spree guests and few things for herself before leaving the store. Said Heidi’s manager, Hannah, “We feel so honored to have spent the morning with her…it was a privilege for us to have her come to our store.”

From Heidi’s, Princess Shatyra stopped for lunch at Little China and then headed off to the Cleveland Walmart. Walmart wishes medium
associates, employees and shoppers all lined up to await the Princesses’ arrival. Once the red carpet was rolled out, Princess Shatyra made her grand entrance with cameras flashing everywhere and “Isn’t She Lovely?” by Stevie Wonder playing in the store. Rose petals were thrown and the Assistant Manager Frankie, presented Princess with a bouquet of yellow roses while down on his knees. Co-manager Bryan presented her with a gold princess necklace and pin.

Then our Princess got to shopping where she got clothes, shoes, a laptop, camera, DVD player, razor scooter and iPod and so much more! After shopping, the Walmart associates held a private party for the Princess in their breakroom completed with Princess and the Frog decorations, a cupcake cake, punch, ice cream, poster-sized pictures of her and tons of gifts for the Walmart employees which included a Walmart associate uniform, new clothes, jewelry and a brand new bike! Princess Shatyra was so excited and so happy that so many people showed her love and support.

After her amazing time at Heidi’s and Walmart, the employees released several balloons in honor of their little princess for the day. After Walmart, Princess Shatyra was taken to GameStop where the employees had special shirts made that said We Love Shatyra and a huge sign that said GameStop welcomes Shatyra Moore! She was presented with a crown, a shirt like the one the employees were wearing, princess gloves, bracelets and monogrammed bag of goodies. While at GameStop our princess bought a pink PS2, along with lots of games and Nintendo DS.

After a fun-filled day of shopping, our beautiful princess got back into her white limo and rode home where her entire extended family was waiting to see all of her new goodies.

Princess Shatyra is from Indianola and is recovering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Special thanks to Len, the manager of the Cleveland Walmart and Margie Green and Patsy Cobles who organized the entire Walmart affair, everyone at Heidi’s for making her visit there so special, GameStop for their amazing support of our little Princess and limo driver Michael for escorting our beautiful girl around town for the day.

A huge thanks to our amazing volunteers, Bernice Wolfe and Betty Mayo for putting together this amazing day fit for a Princess and to Tanya Carter, our wonderful friend at WABG in Greenville who spent the entire day filming Shatyra’s day.

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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